Advanced-Forms® is extremely flexiblepowerfulstate-of-the-artERP independent and easy to use

Advanced-Forms® Features

Advanced-Forms® Connectors

Advanced-Forms tightly integrates with any existing IT Platform to support the migration from labour and paper-intensive systems to cost effective, faster e-enabled document processing. However, we have developed ERP specific solutions – connectors - for some of the most commonly used enterprise business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, Oracle, Oracle JD Edwards, SAP, Jeeves and others. read more

Output management

Designing and creating document lay-out and the automated distribution of documents are always big challenges. Think of invoices and quotations. With Advanced-Forms this becomes very simple. Read more


Research shows that a business or an organization can save 1-2 % of its turnover by replacing paper invoices with digital ones and optimizing the related processes. Read more

Advanced-Forms® Portal

Advanced-Forms offers a mail preview and validation function which enables you to check, verify and validate (with a workflow) for instance the created digital document and the accompanying e-mail message, before it is being distributed.

Advanced-Forms® Document Designer

Ensure a coporate identity of all your documents. Add graphics or calculate the totals. With Advanced-Forms® your documents become professional. Whether it is an invoice, a sales shipment document or a quotation.

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